Playing Video Games as an Alternative Medicine


You might be wondering what this is going to be about. How are video games “alternative medicine”?

Before we go any further, I would like to make it clear (if it is not obvious yet), that I am not referring to an actual, “medicine.” In this case, the medicinal value of video games is in its ability to give someone the chance to either learn how to focus, or learn how to forget about certain emotional breaks and use video games as a coping mechanism.

This treatment can be pretty much associated with how people accept the idea of slimming drinks as a form of alternative medicine. Not a lot of people would actually accept it and understand it, but it does work for some people. This is especially true these days, when slimming pills are no longer just about losing weight, but are also determined to serve as antioxidants and health drinks.

Hence, while the drinkers of the product are assured that the slimming drink burns only excess fat and nothing more, the antioxidants in the drink can also provide the body with additional help in the elimination of unwanted and unhealthy elements that somehow managed to enter the body, maybe through the food that was eaten or the level of stress the body has undergone. As a result, radiating and youthful glow is seen in the skin of the drinkers. They also feel energized and their body is able to endure tedious tasks without experiencing fatigue.

This same effect can be achieved if one has an open mind about video games and see the idea of how such games can help someone recuperate from something emotionally stressful.

There is no absolute Science into this claim. It is merely based on the experience that I had, when a friend used video gaming as means to cope with depression.

He was very depressed about his life and for losing someone he really loves. He was so devastated that he almost committed suicide. However, he was introduced to arcade gaming, and somehow, the purpose of the game has given him the courage to live another day. He found satisfaction and happiness in the little accomplishments he gets from playing the game. Since then, playing video games has been his way of releasing the negativity in his life.

His family supported this “method” of healing and even made sure that  their Internet connection was in superb condition, so as not to disrupt his gaming experiences. They hired AT&T and the company gave them a hosted PBX that assured the family that his gaming will be accessible even in other areas of their home and even when my friend was in his family’s business office.

He is in recovery and he is showing great progress, thanks to an “alternative medicine” that could or could not work on people. One just needs to have an open mind in order to not shrug off ideas such as this.


Homes for Sale in Oxford, Al Include Arcade Video Machines

homes for sale in oxford Al includes arcade machines

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The arcade games were every kid’s thing in the 80’s and the 90’s. I was one of those kids who spent the summer break hanging out in video arcades. Games were more difficult during those times. We persevered on beating and mastering the game with slow controllers and a stack of coins filling our pockets.

There are better versions of video game machines today which my own kids got hooked in. But they are no longer dealing with coin-operated machines and immersing in dark noisy alleys of traditional arcades. They just enjoy playing video games on their tablets which I think are easier to operate.

I am glad that Alabama still keep a few “old school” things like arcades with cabinet machines. Tech-driven kids don’t usually flock these places these days. I wanted my two young boys to experience this form of entertainment. I tried to search on the internet for arcade businesses which were still running around town and with fairly good reviews so I could bring my two sons in an arcade.

homes for sale in oxford Al includes arcade machines

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But sometimes online distractions allowed me to easily waste an entire Saturday morning reading things that interest me. I have the tendency to click on advertisements like home real estate ads and vacation deals. I was eventually brought to a page where it had contents about a house on sale in Oxford, Alabama. What caught my attention was that the owner of the house who decided to sell the house had a collection of video game arcade cabinets. I learned that he owned an arcade business in the 90’s and was recently closed. Some of the cabinets were sold to enthusiasts and businessmen.

I made a call to the owner and right on that day made a trip to his house to have one of his collectibles. I brought my two young sons with me who wondered what those big machines were for. They probably thought I got crazy bringing some kind of huge gadget at home. But when they started playing games they thought it was classic and cool.

It was apparent that they easily gave up and whined for the difficult stages of the game. Kids now are indeed different. Way back before, we grew up to learn the value of patience because of the challenging games. We played games in the crowded arcade to have fun, socialize and sublimate ourselves from teenage worries.

homes for sale in oxford Al includes arcade machines

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I thought it was really funny to bring home a classic arcade game machine. It never turned to be useless and costly of maintenance. Whenever we hold party in the house, guests get to have fun playing with the classic games while enjoying food and sodas from my makeshift bar lounge at home. Little kids usually crowd the video machine while my sons are nonchalant about it. Maybe it is no longer appropriate for their age. But I feel happy to see the curious little kids being allured by this form of simple entertainment. Though times have changed and phased out my once favorite hobby, I think the experience and legacy of arcade game is still alive in our home.

Gaming Then and Now

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Nobody is going to contest me when I say that gaming then and now has greatly changed. This change, can be greatly attributed to the advancement of technology and the widened array of use and role that it plays for games and gamers.

Then, gamers struggle on the different tasks and levels on their own. It would take weeks, sometimes months, depending on the skill of the player, to finally solve a puzzle and pass a game level for any game. They have to be patient, and actually work hard by computing the math, talking to friends face-to-face about possible game plans, trying over and over again, until the satisfaction of overcoming a level is achieved.

Now, players who get stuck on a level can ask the world for help and answers using the internet. They would simply watch walkthroughs, read and use information on cheat sites, and basically, have the internet as a gaming companion throughout every level. The satisfaction no longer comes from overcoming a level on your own, but rather, it comes from how fast you can finish a game. When you finish a game faster than anybody else, people automatically think you are a good gamer; or maybe not. Just basically someone with good internet and research skills.

Image Credit: rpgmakerweb

Image Credit: rpgmakerweb

Then, gamers have savepoints inside the game to pass before getting the chance to have the game saved. This makes the game more addicting because you can’t stop until you are safely past a save point. And, when they encounter puzzles, passwords, and whatnot, you have to actually write it down on a special notebook of sorts, so that when you actually die before reaching a savepoint, then the answers to the puzzles are safely recorded in your notebook, giving you faster time to reach the part where you were last in, only to die again and repeat from your last savepoint. This is the reason why players before have greater value for their in-game lives.

Now, gamers don’t worry about savepoints, even when the game also includes one. This is because you can easily save your progress every minute if you wish so. No need for pen and paper, and no worrying about dying in-game because you could just respawn were you died or open your most recent saved game.

Then, multiplayer is such an amazing feature. It makes gamers go “Oh Yeah! I can play with my friends!” It is such a wonderful gift to finally have friends help you through a game, or even have a friend you can battle with.

Now, multiplayer is a “meh.” Meaning, gamers are not so psyched by the amazing fact that because of the internet, no matter how far one is from a friend, you can just as easily play with them. You can talk to them, real-time, as you battle together against enemy minions and zombies.

This is made possible and in real-time because of what companies have generated through the internet. A communication system using the internet as the pathway is gaining popularity. This system is highly used by businesses and other organizations or online users, because it helps strengthen communication and synchronization between parties.

This system is called the hosted PBX system, something that a company called Broadconnect offers to a lot of clients, these days. While Broadconnect’s hosted PBX system for small businesses is a great hit, the same principle and communication ideology is used on gaming multiplayers who communicate via the internet while in-game. To be able to simultaneously talk to 3 or more people while in game is a feature that is a basic concept of a hosted PBX system. The best part about it is that is free, unlike telephone services that are very costly and are already nearly outdated.

Indeed, gaming has become more advanced in terms of internet usage. Though, if you ask an old gamer like me, I would definitely say that I miss the challenges of the old gaming when internet was not yet there to provide all the answers. This is why, I still love the arcade games. Somehow, they still embody the spirit of the old gaming world, something that I truly miss and something I know that this generation of kids will never experience any longer.

The Memories People Had in Playing Arcade Video Games

pacman1Lucky are those who were born in 1980’s because it is where the time of the arcade video games grew popular in different parts of the world. It would never be the same as today’s selection of video games but there were full of great memories from the time of arcade video games that became famous during the mid 1980’s. The people who grew at that time had the best time of their lives. The memorable coins that made every game possible were amazing. The people who created so much from it treasured the memories shared on those times.

Everybody at that time spent their whole lives trying to get the latest games available to play in the arcade shops. They invested a lot of money to purchase the coins for them to gain access on playing the games. They did not bother how much time they spent in playing all those games because the fun it gave them was incomparable. It was at this time that the fingers of every hand were trained well to click and manipulate the buttons of playing the arcade video games. Although the joysticks were all sweaty from playing all day, still, the people did not bother to much from it. What was important is that they focused well on playing the games in the arcade.

Today, a lot of people can say that the arcades have died because there have been different computer games created online. It is through the fast movement of technology that many people realized that the era of arcade games has died. Even though this seems true to a lot of people, there are different sites online that wanted to recreate arcade games just like before. They have the passion of reinventing these arcade video games because they believed that they were the best video games of all time. They continued to promote more interesting games that people can play in the arcade.

The fun and excitement that these arcade video games brought people was excellent. It changed the lives of the many. That is the main reason why the best site for arcade video games improved more arcade games to reminisce the fun people had when they were living in the 80’s.

The Finest Arcade Video Games of All Time

3It was in the mid 1980’s that the arcade video games were very popular. Wherever people go, there are different gaming centers for them to go to and play their favorite arcade video games. At this time, every single person knows every famous game people play and no matter how many these arcade video games are, they do not miss every single part of it. The mid 1980 is the era of arcade video games and everybody was sold out to play these games and make it a part of their lives. It was then discovered that it was the fastest moving game that every person can play whether they are inside or outside their homes.

Each person has great memories about the era of arcade video games. Since everyone was talking about it, the memories they share about how they play each game became bigger and stronger. Some memories of the best arcade video games were written in different versions to prove that it is in demand to the public. Some of the games that grew popular in the mid 1980’s were Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Scramble. Everybody was lining up on different stores and shops to get hold of the latest version of each game. There are different arcade shops offered great promotions of the games available. Money in arcade video games was indeed growing each day.

At that time, arcade gaming centers were popular for people to play these excellent video games. They spent most of their time looking for money to get hold of the coins to start playing their games. They were a lot speculations that the growth these games will continue to rise and so there were different gaming companies that started to put up their gaming businesses to widen the options of many people in the world. They involved technology in it by putting these video games available in the Internet. It is where the power of technology that took over this popular game.

6Sites in the Internet were created to show people how high the demand is for these arcade video games. However, there was one site that dominated from all of it. It was known to be the best site for arcade video games and it is called, Arcade X Live. They were able to off a variety of arcade video games for the people to enjoy. Until today, it was found here that arcade video games are not dead yet. There is still fun in playing the arcade video games in today’s generation.